[Best of May] Two Feet: Had Some Drinks

Had Some Drinks is a simple song with a hidden complexity that makes us loose ourselves in it.

Two Feet's Had Some Drinks interpreted by o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G
osapomudo fromthefrog best of may two feet Had Some Drinks

Every month with the help from o S A P O M u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G we select the best song of the month. The selected song is entitled to a special drawing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 


One of our favourite ever new secrets was back this month. And the anticipation around Two Feet new releases was just over the top after the genius EP he debuted last year. When a couple of weeks ago he released two new tracks, all expectations were entirely fulfilled.

We described Had Some Drinks as a “lyrically powerful and stripped down honest song” which seems like a monologue after some drinks. As simple as this can sound, this song sounds everything else. The simplicity of the composition (the snapping fingers, the edgy voice), and the genius handling of all elements, turns everything into a brutally powerful and unusual product. “And the final repetition makes us go dizzy, spiralling up and down with the melodies.”

That kind of spiralled confusion is also present in o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G‘s representation of the song. It’s safe to say that Had Some Drinks is a chilled but challenging song with a complex structure. And the most we listened to it, the more a self-representation of it’s meaning emerges in our heads. Like a labyrinth of feelings.  Two Feet takes us to a multitude of places and feelings with this. That is why this is the best of the month.


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