The fin. – Afterglow

Our advice? Listen to Afterglow laying on the grass, right as the sun sets, as the sun rises. It will make your day.

the fin afterglow

The fin. are a 4 piece band from Kobe, Japan that relocated to be London-based. This indie-rock, synth-pop band recently melted our hearts with their latest release, Afterglow. This is the perfect soft synth pop song. This is a sound that diverges a bit from their previous works, that depicted the indie-rock scene with bits of a dreamy aura. Afterglow embodies that dreamy aura, adds a quietly dramatic scenery and takes it one step further – it takes you along to a heavenly place where you can have some quiet time.

Afterglow is about states that shift and change day by day like the light at sunset. I wrote this one at midnight, to cut and copy myself at that time into the music.Yuto Uchino

Our advice? Listen to this single laying on the grass, right as the sun sets, as the sun rises; if the sun is down or if the sun is up. It will make your day.

If you want to see The fin. live and are around England or Japan, write down these dates:
May 20th – The Great Escape, Brighton
June 14th – Moth Club (All We Are support), London
June 30th – All Nighter, Venue TBC
July 29th – Fuji Rock Festival, Japan

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