Two Feet – Love is a Bitch // Had Some Drinks

Two Feet is back and we're already eager for more! Had Some Drinks and Love is a Bitch are musical masterpieces and Two Feet is their mastermind.

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Guess who’s back? Two Feet strutted his way from 2016 into 2017 in style! After his huge debut EP First Steps, which we believe to be not only one of 2016’s first semester ten best New Secrets but also THE BEST EP OF 2016.

Last week, Two Feet threw on our way two brand new singles that are absolutely everything we’ve been hoping for.

First one (and according to Two Feet on Facebook, his favourite) is Love is a Bitch. Yes, love is a bitch but what about that guitar?!? If it was already a solid constant in First Steps, now he took it to the next level. In a cool mash-up between reggae vibes and John MayerLove is a Bitch is one sexy song and the lyrics are purely genius.

I’m flying.
I’m flying high luck on, babe
but my fluttering wings
can keep you from pulling me down.
Your mama,
your mama says I’m a fool.
And you maybe that’s true
’cause I can’t stop thinking ’bout you.
I’m trying,
Trying not to forget my wings.
‘Cause when I’m around you I tend not keep changing my mind.
I promise
I promise myself not to slip back into old habit.
‘Cause heartbreak is savage, and love is a bitch.

Had Some Drinks is the second single released and is nothing short to the first one. The snapping fingers, the raspy voice and the first instrumental break is everything we were used to in, for instance, Quick Musical Doodles and Sex. Lyrically this is a powerful and stripped down honest song. It seems as if a conversation with himself, after a couple of drinks: If I said too much, I know you’re mine to lose / Don’t give a fuck, yeah actually I do. And the final repetition makes us go dizzy, spiraling up and down with the melodies. All in all, just another great song with great guitar moments, created by this great artist.

These two songs are part of an upcoming EP named Momentum, out on June 9. To never miss a beat, follow Two Feet on his socials:

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