DIICE – Do Wrong

Take a brake and listen to DIICE second ever single. It will blow you away.

Almost one year ago we posted about one of the most exciting songs we’ve haver received through an email. Reviving some of the introductory words, we said: “The debut track of DIICE, a 3 strong UK-based band, clearly stands by itself and marks their entrance in this really crowded indie world with a very big bang”.

The track name was Multigold, and we’ve kept playing it again and again since. At that time it came from a completely unknown band to us. After one year, they are still to make the big bang on the music industry. Lucky for us they kept it us in the loop, and hit us with a new single a couple of days ago.

Do Wrong is first of all a masterpiece in terms of subtleness and richness. The vocals encompass a sort of limbo that always sound hypnotic and melodic. The indietronic flow that keeps coming through the entire song also helps on building a sort of mysterious mix between soul and pop. And when the chorus kicks in… well, is nothing short of meaning either. DIICE cannot do wrong. And we are once again hooked.


P.S. This is a rare case. DIICE are our first ever two times New Secret. But as we thought the first time we talked about them, we still feel they are destined to be big. For now, Multigold and Do Wrong deserve all the attention we can give them. If you’d like to keep informed about DIICE future releases you can do it here, or in the links above.

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