FARR – Blades

Mixing electronic, pop and R&B into a beautiful misc of perfectness. This is FARR.

FARR blades new secret

Ready for some powerful indietronic new act? FARR are Linden Jay and Roméo and they mix electronic with R&B and Pop, in way we are immediately hooked.

We’ve stumble upon then as they released their second single Blades a few days ago. When we first heard it we were drawn to all the intensity in it, mostly because of the deep beats and the simply enchanting echoed voice. As the song grows, the sonority also. And soon we get to the popish part of the song we feel Justin Timberlake has just entered the place without permission. Blades not only is a monster of a song, but also blows us away in the way a complex and ever changing song can at the same time introduce a new act so well.

As we’ve gone crazier and crazier with Blades, we couldn’t help to dig into Down (the first single) too. And glad we did. While the second song is more explosive, this is also a beautifully handcrafted single. It merges so many styles in one that they should name one after it. And even though it is hard to really describe how it sounds, for us this is like a pool party with well-dressed people and stylish singers all around the place. Ever cool, great and refreshing.

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