Arlo – Shake The Room || Ivory

From London to New York and back, Arlo's first two songs are two brutal indie-pop urban hymns.

ARLO comes from East London, and trust us when we say, he is going to be huge.

As he finished college he moved to New York’s Harlem borough. There, inspired by 80’s names like Terence Trent D’Arby and Tears for Fears and modern influences like Adele and Kanye, he started creating big vocal-centred pop tracks. Later he worked among big music names like Rich Cooper (Josef Salvat), Sacha Skarbek (Lana Del Rey) or David Kosten (Bat for Lashes, Everything Everything). Acquiring that kind of baggage, empowered him with the very sort of music making ability that perfectly mixes pop with extra bits of specialness. All this is easily observable and felt in ARLO’s first two songs.

One month ago he released Ivory. Gently increasing the vocal power from the very beginning, Ivory is clearly influenced by some tribal drums and an overall humble and energetic vocalist-writer overflow. The chorus is pop and catchy, while ARLO destiles a sort of story-telling oriented melody which guides the whole song.

One week ago, he also released Shake The Room. Still basing itself on a strong tribal influence, this is another step into a beautiful direction. The explosiveness of the song and the way it builds around the repetitiveness of some of the lyrics to reach an anthemic chorus is just perfect. So perfect, that when it ends it feels like we were still in the beginning. Oh and the sort of electronic drops that are gently all-over the son, are also a genius touch.

As ARLO teams up with Pete Roberts (Cold Specks), he should be a force to be reckon with in the indie-pop world. And one which sounds like nothing else too.

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