Ravellas – BLUSH

Beware, Ravellas are here to rock everything out of themselves and the indie rock world.

Remember those 90’s rock-bands which were all about pure honesty and song-making will? We just found one. Entitled Ravellas, these guys from Wigan do “Dirty, Ugly, Indie Rock and Roll” and sounding like they don’t give a damn about anything, they also do pretty remarkable songs.

Having released 5 songs in the last twelve months, both BELONG and CAUSE YOU COULD are great examples of how powerful and distinguishable their songs can be (a rare quality to have as an indie rock band).

But for us, the perfect introduction to this unsigned band should be on their latest single BLUSH, which came out few days ago. Very high-paced, with really audible drums and guitar riffs, this all about having fun while still singing very lyrical songs. The British rock is definitely there allied with the sort of attitude that seems capable of moving mountains. BLUSH is the type of song which will keep on giving and giving. And there is definitely an entire world out there waiting for this kind of indie scene.


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