Lucy & La Mer – Honey, Put Your Weapons Down

Honey, Put Your Weapons Down is a soft indie ballad that may have an underlying hidden meaning.

Lucy & La Mer are back after the drop dead gorgeous debut EP Little Spoon. Three days ago, they released Honey, Put Your Weapons Down, a soft indie ballad that politely asks for everyone to stop making the act of love so hard. Considering they have worked closely with women’s rights organizations, including More Than “No” and The Cabaret Con-sensual, as well as with the LGBT activist group AmBi, it’s no wonder to listen to their plea on this subject.

The great thing about this single is that it can have several interpretations. We started off by acknowledging it as a goodbye letter to a former/current relationship that was just too exhausting. But as soon as the words “I just don’t think love should feel like war” are sung… Well, it becomes pretty clear the emergence of a LGBTQA anthem right there, asking for everyone to put their weapons down.

If you’re not into deep analysis of the song and lyrics, you can still enjoy the amazing melodies and their complementarity to Lucy’s delicate vocals. And make sure to enjoy thoroughly their performance on Balcony TV:

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