Indie Sapiens: Lourenço Feron listens to Dead Pretties

From distorted chords to raw voice, with some disdain on their lyrics, it seems that Dead Pretties hit the hardest artistic achievement in a musicians career, brilliance in simplicity.

Emma Swan - Dead Pretties
Indie Sapiens - Dead Pretties

Imagine you are hanging around on the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. In Indie Sapiens they will be able to share their favorite tunes with the world! Today is Lourenço Feron’s turn.

Son of a well-known portuguese writer, Lourenço Feron deals perfectly with the vocabulary, but instead of writing books he writes lyrics for his music (and some poetry too). Although now living in Lisbon, this 21 year-old boy first performed on on the streets and tube stations of London. Later, he started a couple of bands, going on stage from time to time. The last one, the Plastic Bombs, is a 4 piece band, founded this year and already counts with 11 solid tracks, with lyrics full of meaning and intention, raw and direct messages, just like the ones he presents here today:

Dead Pretties

If the rest of the band are as lunatic as Jacob Slater, there’s a mad house to be named after Dead Pretties. The bands debut single Social Experiment has been in my head from since it was released. From the best kind of cracked voice painting uninhibited deep, powerful lyrics with a disdain for conformity and hypocrisies, openly admitting the boredom of being disillusioned with the fairy-tails perpetrated by a desensitized society. To the anxious need of feeling something through the stumbling distorted chord strumming of the climax that is the mind blowing rupture between man and animal we commonly refer to as chorus.

So it seems that the Dead Pretties have an eye for the hardest artistic achievement in a musicians career, brilliance in simplicity. This kind of in your face, unpretentious attitude towards the crowd comes by honestly and unrestrained. Reminding us of how it feels to have no limits while soaring midst stage dive into the blissful feeling of mosh pit brutality in piss, blood, broken bones and fine memories. Only this degree of upfront misdemeanor jail time behavior can catch our attention to start seeing how rotten what is usually perceived as beauty really is. And how the harsh and grotesque make so much more sense.

As the single dictates, the Dead Pretties won’t stand by a life of mere superficial satisfaction with pats on their backs while being told to get in line. They would rather die than to sell out and become part of a broken system that made them demented to begin with. Pure and raw as they come, to ignore these blokes right now would be to miss out on the very beginning of part of the future of rock and roll history. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Dead Pretties have a lot more to present so stay tuned by following them on the links bellow: