Run is from every possible angle the perfect indie-pop song.

ZiBBZ meeting of the day run

Ready for some nice indie pop? We confess that is not easy to convince us regarding this particular genre. And needless to say the biggest amount of submissions we received are related to it. But, Coco and Stee are a Zurich meets Los Angeles duo entitled ZIBBZ who managed to fully convince us with their latest single Run.

First of all Run reminds us of some of the beautiful and more popish songs from Jessie Ware. Even thought that was what first got us by the guts, ZIBBZ have loads of their own merit. Mainly because Run is a great song from every single angle we look at it (or hear it). The whole rhythmic cadence and presence with the subtle pop electronic synthesisers and heavy drums, turn the song into an highlighter since the first seconds. Secondly, Coco voice sounds always enthusiastic and on the verge of popping out of our ears. Thirdly, the way the song is perfectly built in the way it can be heard time after another. And finally, there is something about Run that makes us smile-wave-and-sing and to know that the next time it plays we will be all over it again.

So, if you are up for a indie-pop no-brainer. Run: