Low Chimes – Sleepwalking

Need some food for thought? Low Chimes debut with Sleepwalking is the perfect combination of intensity and meaning.

As a result of posting about two of the most exciting new acts of the year (Body Clocks and Fenne Lily), we’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to a new one.

Low Chimes are a Gloucester-based alt-folk band, composed of Marianne Parrish (vocals), Jack Page (lead guitar), Lachlan McLellan (bass) and Rob Pemberton (drums). Previously named Hot Feet, their appearances on festivals like Glastonbury, Green Man and Kendal Calling, provided them with a wide spread of dedicated followers. And nothing short of coincidence either. Low Chimes are an instant crush. And their debut single Sleepwalking is the proof.

First thing first, Marianne vocals stand somewhere between Lucy Rose‘s grace, Billie Marten‘s heterogeneity, and Rae Morris audacity. While the rest of the band does an easy-engaging and somewhat additive sound construction. The brutal simplicity in their sonority brings us to major acts like Bombay Bycicle Club (on a more premature rock approach), Black Keys or Foals. But is above all, the song’s nature to be consistently engaging what captivates the most. The lyrics and the atmosphere are about daydreaming and idealising a relationship. While the sound provides the ideal escape for thought. Everything makes sense, like an enlightening walk in the park, or a sound epiphany. This is how every brain should sound like.

With a debut like this, we can’t wait for a second one.

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