Nightcars – I Was In A Dark Frame Of Mind

Four-piece latino-based Nightcars, combine well-known indie-rock and indietronic ingredients into quality modern songs.

Nightcars is a Madrid-based band formed by four friends from Venezuela and Uruguay. Heavily inspired on 80’s and 90’s electronic and rock influences, these guys must be one of the most surprising acts of 2017.

The reason is quite simple: the songs they released so far are a beautiful mix of all things we love about music. Their latest single, I Was In A Dark Frame Of Mind (One Clouded By Worry), is like the name itself a poetic song about splitting up. Not only it transcribes in perfection how a bad love can provide a good view on loneliness. But the melodic-nostalgic composition of the song completely supports these feelings. And the simpleness of how everything is built feels dramatically beautiful. Oh yes, and the electronic flow in the background somehow reminds Kavinsky or Electric Youth emblematic Nightcall and A Real Hero (from Drive OST).

The first song they released, Neon Girl, is nothing short of quality either. Keeping the same 80’s and 90’s feelings, the way it accomplishes modernity without even having to try is captivating. The electronic background (Future Islands style) gives it an assertive cadence which is complemented by the subtle guitars (The Foals style) and by a memorable vocalist. The sort-of falsetto in the chorus is the cherry on top.

While these two songs are the most emblematic ones of Nightcars literarily debut Extended Play, the other three are also as recommendable as possible. The Way It Is is an honest and delicate song. One Thing Missing is more popish but still plays along with the same rocky and electronic elements. And Cruel is the almost perfect bittersweet end to this beautiful presentation.

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