Modern Pleasure – Bliss Up

Bliss Up incorporates a subtle yet very present electronica component thus, Modern Pleasures reach higher heavenly heights.

bliss up modern pleasure

Although the band is called Modern Pleasure, enjoying good music is one of the oldest pleasures known to man. And Bliss Up checks every tick on our perspective.

Out since March 30th, Bliss Up showcases a slightly different direction for Modern Pleasure. Yes, it shares the same bubbly, fun aura the previous singles. But while White HeelsMessina and Youth emanated a more beachy, surfy vibe, Bliss Up incorporates a subtle yet very present electronica component. And, thus, Modern Pleasure reach higher heavenly heights.

[su_quote]It’s nihilistic and anxious with one too many heart-on-your sleeve moments – but this always brought it back to us, it’s real. The song is about trying to cope, even if it’s only for a night.[/su_quote]

We are definitely coping better with Bliss Up blasting on our headphones. The summery, fresh vibes are everything in this single. It is what makes possible to connect with the lyrics, without clouding up the skies. Heck, it’s quite the opposite! It shoots out a ray of sunshine onto our clouded sky. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next time!

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