Lewis Capaldi – Bruises

Lewis Capaldi long-awaited official debut is one to leave marks on our souls.

Lewis Capaldi is an exception to the rule. Although he has only released is debut song, Bruises, some days ago, the huge hype around it has been building throughout a bunch of years playing live. Last Thursday he celebrated that fact on his Facebook account.

The truth is, that it was more than worth the wait.
Bruises seems to come from down deep inside, and brings a crazy amount of feelings to the tone. Since the very start, Lewis voice is the leader and the dreamer of the whole melody. The main actor in a beautifully sung story about being nostalgic:

At times your memory of an old relationship will be clouded and you’ll only seem to remember the best parts of being with someone. Completely ignoring the reasons why things came to an end makes the idea of holding on to it or wanting to go back to it seem more enticing than it actually is.

While resembling acts like Hozier, Paolo Nutini and James Bay, Lewis Capaldi emanates huge amounts of incredible uniqueness. His rasp-tender-edgy voice always seems in the verge of an emotional breakdown, without ever sounding forced or lacking musicality. And if the first half of the song already grabs us by the guts; the last two minutes are the witness of how effortless a man can intercalate soft falsettos, roaring screams and perfectly placed heart-felt tones.

This is one to keep enjoying many many times throughout the year.

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