Tom Lee-Richards – Beside You

Beside You is a very summertime song, one that you'll put on your summer playlist and you won't regret it.

Beside You Tom Lee-Richards

The spring has come; the clothes get shorter, more colorful and happiness is all over the air. Since we wake up we want to hear happy songs that make us smile and dance. And since we want you to feel the same, we present you Tom Lee-Richards‘ newest song Beside You.

Tom Lee-Richards got our attention with Madness, a deep folk song, almost sang a capella, only supported by some free chords of his guitar, when suddenly a string-arrangment harmozing with angelical vocals transport the song so deeply you can even feel it to the marrow.

And then comes Beside You. Starting with a soft-folk guitar, you can guess he’s going for a deep song again, but Tom places his voice equally softly with a happier tone and one can immediately guess where it goes, reminding Tom Misch (they even share the name) not only for his voice but also for his melody and alt-pop, with a very catchy chorus which you’ll spend the rest of the day singing or whistling. Beside You is a very summertime song, one that you’ll put on your summer playlist and you won’t regret it, whenever you’re on your trips to the beach with your friends. Placed over a beat created with a lot of samples, Lee-Richards never leaves his guitar and what seems to be a folky song on the beginning, gets another dimension on the chorus with a lot of ambient-pop influence and even tropical sounds coloring the whole theme, conjugating with organ-keyboard elevating the song amongst the full-groovy bass lines.

Tom keeps asking the whole song “How are you?” and it seems pertinent to ask you the same after you listen this one for the first time as we got addicted to it!

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