Kan Wakan – Still Feather

Kan Wakan and cinematic minimalism. Layer everything together and you get one of the best songs 2017 has given us so far.

Still Feather is Kan Wakan‘s latest single and is such a masterpiece. It focus on cinematic minimalist and is able to create different centre stages in the same song. The first moments are all about the soft magical piano. Next the vocals kick in and our attention automatically shifted. Time for a breather, Kan Wakan give us a break and a surprise, following intense percussion immediately after. Layer everything together and you get one of the best songs 2017 has given us so far.

About the single, he shares:

Still Feather ruminates on our industrial daydream; the precarious union of technology and prosperity. It seems we are all transfixed to an exasperated machine sputtering through visions of its golden days, a dubious projector cycling scenes of emergent possibilities. And it feels dissonant, out of touch, modern life is driving to the brink of exhaustion, while our synthetic creations grow in number and influence.

In a way only Kan Wakan really can, we get transported into a space where the ground is made of clouds, the skies are golden and steam blossoms out of trees . Still Feather is yet another amazing piece to feature in the forthcoming Phantasmagoria.

I see the clouds below like newborn animals
What does my neighbor know from the time she has sold

It’s only the end of night when you open the blinds
While many weary minds seek to bury the light

Sometimes I get so tired

Still feather, synthetic eyes slowly greet a passerby
Look at modernity in disguise and limits none defy

Sometimes I get so tired

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