Sophia Somajo – Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip is Stockholm's very own Sophia Somajo's mini, 7 tracks long, album. It came out March 31st and since then, it is yet to leave our headphones.

Freudian Slip is Stockholm’s very own Sophia Somajo‘s mini, 7 tracks long, album. It came out March 31st and, since then, it is yet to leave our headphones.

Most of the songs on this album started out as improvisations over the music — I just sang something and when I listened back to what I’d said I was often surprised by how profoundly truthful I had been without meaning to be. That’s why it’s called ‘Freudian Slip’. Accidentally insightful. Clumsily candid.Sophia Somajo for Popjustice

Klein Blue is about wanting to be identified as something other than dark and broken; wanting to be light and vibrant and participating. Funny enough, the dark atmosphere of the song really showcase the fun piano and the vibrant vocals – mission accomplished, Sophia! The powerful sudden bursts of energy are enough to light a powerhouse. And that’s how this first track got our attention and invited us to stay and listen the rest.

Runner up is Mouth to Mouth and it feels like a plea, but a really cool one. Somebody help me out / I’m feeling lonely / Like I’m about to die / Somebody save my life / Mouth to mouth. The electronic aura and crazy vocals make the song turn completely upside down. There’s a slight hint of that Jessie J vibe in the chorus… And we are absolutely in love with it.

Amphetamine is calmer than the previous tracks. And it is as intoxicating as its name. From the first second you get addicted to Sophia‘s strong, powerful, mesmerizing vocals. By the first few seconds we thought our Spotify had broken and started to play Thomston x Wafia – Window Seat, but as soon as the vocals kick in, it’s undoubtful its origin. The fact that Sophia can set herself apart from something so similar is self-explanatory to the success that surely lies ahead for her.

Sapphire is next and continues the mysterious aura of Freudian Slip, introducing some almost reggae-like rhythms and then turning into a cool pop right before the chorus. The breaks in her voice makes this song such a pleasure to listen to, we almost forget it’s about a heartbreak.

A Million Songs is truly a sad, heartbreak song. This is a song you can sing your heart out to. Beautifully melodic, notably sincere.

Almost at the end, Smoke comes up and so does the energy. (at least a little bit) It seems to be about getting closure of all this heartbreak or at least the acknowledgement that what’s gone is gone. I’m never loving you again / You brought rain and the fire’s been put out

The Last Summer makes the album end in the best way possible as it features some fun elements that makes us travel back to the 90’s. Oh yes, and it counts with the voice of Seinabo Sey! This track is about finally growing up. It’s about starting to live in the person you have spent so much time designing. If my twenties were about figuring everything out in theory, then my thirties are for practically living life. I am ready to be real.

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