The Man Who – Bet On You

Bet On You is The Man Who's debut single and it makes pop-rock sound even cooler than already is.

Cousins separated by more than two thousand miles, The Man Who formed after several writing trips led to settling in Toronto, Canada. Bet On You is their debut single and already sets the tone to what’s to come. The cool beat behind the cool guitars supporting the cool vocals… It’s a cool song! The Man Who excelled on the genre bending test. Pop meets rock meets non-cliché riffs, there’s not much more needed to create a super infectious track! The fact that we heard it on repeat all through this afternoon is just another confirmation of how good and how catchy Bet On You really is. Mostly because, not only it has the melodies flowing through our ears, as it has relatable lyrics being sung to us:

Bet On You is a dark love story. You’re tired of false hope and the struggles of life. When the odds are against you, even when there’s no chance of winning you’ll go through it all, again and again, for love.

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