[TGIF] Weekend Wonder

Oh Wonder are back, so we could not let go the opportunity of setting up a high-spirited selection for the weekend.

Thank God it’s Friday! To celebrate the end of March and face the weekend in good company we prepared a good spirited selection. Starting softer and gradually turning the rhythms up, this weekend playlist features indiepop and indietronic songs and some seriously catching songs. Oh and Seramic is here once again.

Slow Dancer – It Goes On

Simon Okely, a.k.a, Slow Dancer released two days ago the second single for his forthcoming second album entitled In A Mood. It Goes On has every makings of a great song and mixes some of the best things we can remember from some of our favourite bands. If the pace and formula of the song sound like Kings of Convenience, his voice sounds like Chet Faker has gone softer. All in the best sense possible. This is beyond lovely.

Conner Youngblood feat. Nylo – Everyday

Turn up the volume, let the banjo get right in. Conner Youngblood is back in a refreshing manner. Sharing vocals with Nylo, he released Everyday two days ago. A song which surprises in the way it mixes completely distinct elements and makes them work perfectly. Sometimes it sounds folk, others 90’s rock, and others tasteful post rock.

Will Joseph Cook – Plastic

Coming close to his debut album, the phenomenal Will Joseph Cook released Plastic today. Guess he did not feel like dancing on his own and as a result he gave the world a song which homages the best of indietronic flows and dancing pop rhythms. Fresh from a support tour with Sundara Karma, it seems Will is dancing at his pace, and the World is happy listening.

Oh Wonder – Ultralife

On Wonder are back. For a whole bunch of people, this sentence is fully charged with hope and good things. Since Technicolor Beat, the duo has been raising fans after fans, and the 200 000 likes on Facebook in less than two years, showcase that perfectly. Ultralife, released yesterday, has every bit of Oh Wonder sound we could be expecting. Checks all the marks on the catchy chorus, crazily complementing duets, and happy electric backgrounds.  It truly sounds like happiness running on the veins.

Seramic – Same Mistakes

Seramic has been on a roll and we can’t help to feature every single track they release (as we did here, here, here and here). Same Mistakes is yet again a bomb. When running out of superlatives to describe a new project, we like to just let the music play for itself. But yes, there is a Justin Timberlake meets Prince vibe in this one.

Alt J – In Cold Blood

The second single revealed by Alt J this year, brings back some of their old formula (if there is really just one). Entitled In Cold Blood, sounds nasty-good. Mainly because of its strong funny instruments complemented by the guitars and the most contagious lalalalalaaa of the year. We don’t know any better way to describe it. Geniuses.

Have a nice weekend!

With love,
WtMM Team 

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