Cataldo – Person You’d Be Proud Of / Photograph

Cataldo's first two advances on the second album, are the perfect reason for why we love music so much.

Photo by Jenny Jimenez

Since the release of Gilded Oldies, three years ago, Cataldo had a very special place in our hearts. From the first moment, the project proximity with Death Cab for Cutie type of sound, was what got us very addicted to it. But there was something special about it we could not quite explain. Best way to put it would be, Cataldo are a band that tastes like home.

As we looked at our inbox and saw two new singles in two consecutive months, we had nowhere to go. Person You’d Be Proud Of was officially recorded 9 months ago but only put out yesterday, and is already one of the most welcoming and empathic songs we’ve heard this year. Full of hope, it takes inspiration on the most notable sentiment on earth: making someone proud. This is a story-telled song which always sounds familiar, cozy, singable, and overall wonderful. The chorus is as catchy as a chorus can be, and both voice and the almost pop-tribal exploration going on, are just perfectly put together. Oh an there pieces o lyrics like this one: Yeah that’s why you’re the voice in my mind (though it’s inevitably crowded) and I’ll try to be the type of person you’d be proud of.

As if this was not enough, one month ago, they released Photograph, and we are still trying to deal with it. Drums all the way in, piano keys making the way for the voice, the perfect sung words:

Little shogun, what a mess.
Wearing black slacks and maroon rayon vest.
Trying not to be provincial, trying to be direct.
“Hey, can you leave the screen door cracked?
And no you don’t even have to ask
to take my photograph

Is there a song with a better entrance than this one? Well, to make perfect justice to Photograph, we can even say, this is a song that not really ends. Even when the violins come in, we are still in the same mood we were in the beginning. Completely entertained. Overwhelmed with rhythm and joy. Fully convinced. And does not take long to play it again, and again. Thank you Cataldo, you can take my photograph.

Cataldo upcoming album entitled Keepers will be out soon. If you loved these two as much as we did, you should not wait any longer:

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