CHAI KHAT – Graves

Graves remind us of the great songs our fathers used to listen to.

Berlin-based band, CHAI KHAT are composed of Yann Thonnessen, Kai Suffa-Friedel and Matthias Meisen. Together they do a new-wave inspired rock which sounds nostalgic and ensuring. Taking roots from bands like The Cure, Joy Division and New Order, their songs sound ever refreshing and danceable. And above all, so much relatable to these very emblematic bands.

After they released their debut single Hail Satin back in 2016, they now stepped up their game. Graves is classical in the sense it sounds like the songs we’ve been missing since we got used to hear them on our fathers radios. The steady drums, the tender guitars, and a voice which sounds like another fine tuned instrument. Everything sounds very cohesive and so easy to listen it could play all day in the background.

With their debut album (fully recorded in analogue) coming this Spring, this is an act we will want to put our hands on.

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