Tom Speight – Willow Tree (EP)

Willow Tree is Tom Speight's final instalment of a quartet of EPs and it's the most melodic emotional journey we've heard this year.

tom speight willow tree ep

Tom Speight is force of nature. Back in 2016, he released 3 E.Ps: Little Love on the 15th of January; Falling on the 8th of July; Love on the 28th of October. As if this wasn’t music enough, he is back now and on the 10th of March he released Willow Tree, the final instalment of the quartet of EPs and follows on from the three Speight released in 2016. This EP was produced by Chris Bond and features performances by Turin Brakes, Jessica Staveley Taylor and Lydia Clowes.

And why do we love Tom Speight so much? He reminds us so much of our favourites Billie Marten, Old Sea Brigade and Seafret.

[su_quote]I was listening to a lot of Laura Marling and Damien Rice around the time [of recording], and I think their methods definitely help shape this EP.[/su_quote]

First track is the EP name giver and is the perfect “overture”. It’s the melodic rawness, the haunting guitars and the addition of  female vocals (Jessica Staveley-Taylor from The Staves) that make Willow Tree an absolutely delicious experience.

Medicine is runner up and oh my. This single is uplifting and happy. It is such a loving tribute for that person we love above and beyond everything. In love or not, this will make your day.

No More is quite the opposite of the previous track. This one calls for a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a late starry night shaped by introspective moments. Definitely Damien Rice inspired.

Waiting on You is the last stop of this very emotional journey and luckily it ends with the emotional aura we needed. Like the end of a love affair which blinded us for too long, and suddenly we can see clearer. A song full of hope which showcases Tom Speight rock feelings and song-writing capabilities feel effortless, and sounding too good.

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