[TGIF] 123 Heavenbound

Feist is back, so we though we'd throw a party. Here are 8 songs for the weekend.

Thank God it’s Friday! So many quality songs have been released this past week that for the first time ever, we had to select eight for this weekend playlist. So, as all great playlists, this one starts with Feist, and goes all the way from beautiful harmonies, to jazzy and classic rock to indietronic bombs full of soul. We hope you all enjoy this as much as we do:

Feist – Pleasure

I should just put it like it is: Feist is a heroine for us. There is a world before her, and another one after her. It’s much because of Feist we learned to hear music from what our ears tell us and not just because it is playing on the radio (yes, no 123 here, we prefer songs like How Come We Never Go There and The Bad In Each Other). She has just released the first song in too long. And it is indeed our Pleasure. As this is looking really good.

Mt. Wolf – Heavenbound

There is no other way to put it. Mt. Wolf latest single makes justice to its title. Heavenbound possesses a voice which sounds like witchcraft in the way it is the most calming thing we’ve heard all year. A song full of beautiful melodies and tender spirit, which sometimes remind us of Elbow calming indie rock and others like something we’ve never heard before. We could listen to this all year, and we will.

Thomas Oliver – Losin’

If you thing your Friday has not been proper relaxing yet, it’s OK. Thomas Oliver newest single Losin’ might be a dramatic song about loosing love, but its jazzy rock flow, falsetto delights and trumpet wonderings are the closest thing to joy we could hope for. So, allow yourself to decompress and sing along.

Sirs&Madams – Low

In the mood for some classic-feeling-good rock? Sirs&Madams have just performed a face-lift so honest we can feel the fun through the song. Low is the kind of track that makes us not have any kind of stereotype about music, but just one. It is suppose to make you feel good, and happy. And this does exactly that!

Imaginary Future – Lift Me Up

The best looking melodies we’ve listened to all week are the ones from Imaginary Future. This sentence sounds poetic doesn’t it? Well, if we could imagine a future so bright as Lift Me Up, we would have absolutely zero concerns. The drums which start it all, the voices coming in and out of the song, and then the falsettos… There is zero things which sound less than perfect on this.

Alex Vargas – 7 Sins

The fourth single of Alex Vargas upcoming album is a bit different from the three previous ones. The strong basis in words is accompanied by a drop-dead gorgeous indietronic background, making us feel every little lyric as an danceable one. Everyone want somebody once again. And again. This is contagious, and suspiciously perfect.

Jacob Banks – Chainsmoking

Worry no more, Jacob Banks is here to take you to a special place. We honestly though after the utterly perfect Unholy War (no pun intended) that in a million years he would not come up with a better hit. Well, Chainsmoking just prove us wrong. The amount of power, soul and revolutionary feeling in this, allied with the electronic bits, makes it something out of this world.

LOYAL – Tower Over All

LOYAL are already habitués at this house. After the prolific hit House for You last year, and Moving As One in the beginning of the this year they now released Tower Over All. Indietronic of the highest caliber. Ideal for dancing, singing along, and overall super engaging. This one is about counting the good moments over the bad ones. And always expect things will get better. Sure thing, it helps.

With love,
WtMM Team 

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