WENS – Bones / Bleed

WENS might very well be the next electro-pop big thing.

WENS new secret bleed bones

In mood for some dark pop? WENS is a LA-based girl who learned how to make harmonies with her voice when she was eight years old. Five years later she wrote her first song, and now with only eighteen she is showing her real deal.

Eight months ago she released Bones, which summed up almost 49 thousand plays on Soundcloud. The alternative and dark pop vibe around the song resembled from the first moment the likes of Lorde, Lana Del Rey and (the now phenomenon) Dua Lipa. Still, the amount of depth of the song and the way it surprises any one from beginning to end, turns it into a very special and rare deal. Oh yes, and it is additive too.

Well, if the first single surprised us, the second one confirms it. Released two days ago, Bleed starts with the same dark vibes as the previous single, but gently turns into a great pop song. Showing a side more closer to BANKS, Bleed goes beyond the possible stereotype of teen-eletro-pop, and showcases WENS as a bomb to take into very serious consideration. And the harmonies are there, once again. Like crazy.


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