Fenne Lily – What’s Good

Fenne Lilly songs are heart-time stories for grown ups.

Photo by Carl Osbourn

Looking for a soft Friday? You’ve came to the right place. Fenne Lily is a tender 20 year-old girl from Bristol whose urban strife songs and folk delicacy have taken our past week by surprise and gently made us better persons just by listening to her songs.

Coming from the same magic place where acts like Daughter, Lucy Rose seem to take their special intensity, Fenny Lily first present to the world was released 11 months ago. Top To Toe is all about words wispered into a soft and skilled lullaby. Romantically empowered, this is a beautifully vocally-controlled song with a rare deeply emotional charge.

Next, comes Bud. A dramatically tender “Holding it close this time”, follows a folky acoustic guitar drift which predominates to the whole song. Bud is again soft and gentle, but at the same time so deep we can feel cradled around it. And soon it reaches the chorus, oh well, Lily has it.

Finally, two days ago she released What’s Good (produced by other new secret Tamu Massif)

“Waiting for an ending hurts, sometimes more than the ending itself. I wrote What’s Good at a time when I was trying to allow myself happiness despite knowing that it would be short-lived. It’s about realising that something you trust in and depend on is coming to an end, and the feelings of helplessness & inadequacy that go hand in hand with this sense of loss.”

We were expecting to not be surprised any more, but we still were. She manages to put a very personal touch on all their songs. In a way all three singles sound similar, but at the same time so very different from each other. This is only comparable to those soft bed-time stories which children love, and like to hear every night. But in this context, these are like heart-time stories for grown-ups. We want to hear them just one more time, and let ourselves go every single time we hear them.

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