The Kite String Tangle – Selfish

The newest song from Kite String Tangle is once again the definition of indietronic.

There are worthy waitings. Last time we’ve heard about The Kite String Tangle was in 2015. Back then, and spinning of from a the revolutionary indietronic Vessel (EP), they collaborated with Dustin Tebbutt in the wonderous Illuminate (one of the most beautiful songs we’ve ever heard and one capable of motivating the less motivated person in the World). Now, two years later, they release Selfish.

We could let the song speak by itself. But we would like just to say that if we had never heard The Kite String Tangle before we would still be over the moon with how perfectly a song can be both pop and electronic; and sound good in all its bits and wows. Selfish can if fact be a very egocentric contribution to our ears.

Do them a favor and follow The Kite String Tangle very closely:


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