Tuvaband – Everything We Do Is Wrong

The third release from the Norwegian-British duo is yet another magically fragile song.

Tuvaband Everything We Do Is Wrong Meeting of the Day WtMM

There aren’t many bands nowadays capable of surprising us with every song they release. Some months ago we wrote about Tuvaband first two singles, and how they captured every single bit of our hearts. While Unknown was “a song that will touch anybody that is in that right moment and in need for a bit of heart”, It’s Not About Running seemed “like running an emotional marathon with periods of clarity”.

Well, after those two songs, needless to say were very eager for a third single. And soon the news hit that Everything We Do Is Wrong was going to be released today we couldn’t stop to be agitated.

This is one of those cases where everything seems perfect. The third single is everything we could expect, but only in the good way. It’s incredible how a band that makes songs sound so close to each other, also manages to make them sound so unique – just like our secret thoughts about love. The vocals are again spot-on-emotional and deeply-sensible. The song builds itself around a very tender, continuously delicate and word-felt register. And the background builds up the perfect scenery for a beautiful and impossible to resist lullaby about being incurably romantic.

Once again we surrender ourselves to Tuvaband fragile magic.

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