Octave Lissner – Little Mary

Octave Lissner just presented us with a truly beautiful soft modern rock track that fills a gap unsatisfied for quite some time now.

octave lissner little mary

Octave Lissner is an artist that has been around for awhile now, but, for some reason, we just got a hold of him now. Little Mary is his newest release although it’s been out to the world for almost two years now. Confused? Little Mary was featured in Guillaume Nicloux’s film ‘Valley of Love’, but only now was released on all Octave‘s music platforms.

Little Mary is an immediate hit for several reasons, starting with the classical composition of the track. As soon as the song starts it’s easy to be swept away by the vintage-y vocals. But if you let it continue, the introduction of some very subtle yet very current little synths here and there make all the difference. Even better than all of this it is the continuous flow created by the piano. But now, and in all honesty, what sold us completely was the way Little Mary tells both a melodic and a lyrical story. All in all, Octave just presented us with a truly beautiful soft modern rock track that fills a gap unsatisfied for some time now.

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