mossy. – Warpaint.

mossy. is a different take on dance music. Trashy, rhythmic, addictive.

This post will show you a brand new and revolutionary name of electronic and dance music: mossy. His debut track, Warpaint. begins with some very rhythmic african or even south-american style and, out of nothing, turns into a trashy rock mixed with a great sampling simplicity, that sort-of reminds us of Trailer Trash Tracys‘, or even perhaps, Chemical Brothers.

Warpaint. sums almost perfectly what technology brought to music and how well artists and producers are getting better and better using it. mossy. executes this sort of futuristic sample-mixing incredibly well and showcases extreme maturity throughout the whole song.

We’ve shared with you a lot of electronic music here but mossy. presents a very different side of it, tranquillising us by making possible to acknowledge that after all C2C might have left a door open on sampling other dance music genres. mossy. is doing is own scene and we will be watching closely expecting that it could get even better.

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