Only The Poets – Ceasefire

Only The Poets' debut single is a much needed break to a chaotic lifetime.

ceasefire only the poets new secret

Ceasefire is Only The Poets’ debut single but it feels so much more. This soaring true indie makes us so comfortable as it is so familiar, yet so intrigued as it brings something new. It is impossible not to think about Villagers as we press play on Ceasefire. All those beautifully constructed melodies and painfully truthful voice. In all honesty, we all have those days where all we feel like it’s waving a white flag and beg for some peace, for some quiet time.

In an ode to all those in need of a break, even just a little one, we present Only The Poets’ debut single Ceasefire.

[su_quote]In the seemingly endless fire-fighting of everyday life in the city, it’s a prayer for an escape perhaps, even if only temporary.[/su_quote]

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