Talos – Odyssey

If it feels like you're needing a break, you should hear what Talos have to play.

Photo by Brendan Canty
Talos Odyssey Meeting of the day

Eoin, Josh, Sam, David, Sonny and Alex are Talos, an Irish band which makes dreamy atmospheric pop. For the ones who would like a comparison, Talos is like Rhodes meets ambience, or Alt-J meets classic instrumentalism.

Although they’ve released their debut EP (Tether) back in 2014, we were only introduced to them last year, with the release of their second EP, O Sanctum. This two-track record gave us the impression of an overall wonder through their work. Both the timidly expander Your Love is An Island, or the intrinsic addictive Reborn, were a take-away show for any soul looking for redemption in music.

Because of this background, we went into their newest song Odyssey, already full of beautiful expectations. And if the artwork of the single is by itself a contemplative phenomenon, our ears were not quite ready for what was to come. In this Odyssey, is hard to leave and is also very difficult to not fall in love while we shut our eyes to the power of beautifully tender music. This is everything you need to hear for any Monday to go past smoothly. Or any day of the week really. Just hit the play button and let yourself stop for five minutes. Trust us, you need this break. This is the kind of song that makes us better individuals.

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