[TGIF] Before You Evaporate

Old favourites and new acquaintances are featured in the following 6 tracks.

Thank God It’s Friday! And yes, we are actually posting a TGIF playlist at a Friday. This playlist contemplates some of our favorite artists as well as some new additions we loved to discover (hopefully you will too). Make sure to enjoy top to bottom the following six tracks:

NoMBe – Young Hearts

Continuing to reveal NoMBe‘s debut album month by month, Young Hearts is the second track revealed. “(…) When you are truly obsessed with another human, you are convinced that you have everything to offer to this significant one, but can only marinate in confusion over the fact that she (or he) just isn’t able to see it. (…) This feeling evolves over time and I think love becomes more complex as we get older. Young Hearts is dedicated to that unadulterated feeling (pun intended) that we only get once. The video is equally compelling as it tells a story of same-sex marriage and the visuals complement the laid back tune in a lovely way.

 Carmody – Before You Knew Me

Carmody has been on top of game lately and Before You Knew Me is just another confirmation. This RnB, down-tempo house inspired track is one of the most raw and intimate register of Carmody. She strips down in front of us, lists all her faults. And do you know what? We will stay with her.

Nathan Ball – Cold Hands

Cold Hands is Nathan Ball‘s first release since Right Place. In a very post-rock feel, Nathan makes once again that pristine voice of his the focal point. And just like that, Cold Hands gives us a Warm Heart.

Salt Petal – Telephone

If by any reason you’re feeling nostalgic of the summer, 70’s or telephones, then you came to the right place. Salt Petal are a Los Angeles-based band who is invigorating audiences and critics alike with a tropical surf-dance sound in a category all its own. As soon as Telephone starts, a feeling of freedom and sudden release hits you and a new sense of enery arises. A super fun song to uplift grey weekends.

Paperwhite – Human Nature

Human Nature is a lovely synthpop magical beam of light.  Paperwhite said that “no matter how much we may fight it, we are flawed, we are strong and we are in this together. We are human.” Yes, we are. We are human and enjoying the ability of other humans to produce such wonders.

The Fontaines – Evaporate

Evaporate is about that guy you don’t wanna tell your friends about. It isn’t love, but both of you keep it going anyways.” The Fontaines have a special way of turning a day upside down. Evaporate‘s insatiable rhythm, always growing for more is exactly the vibe we need to recharge lost batteries over the week.

With Love,
WtMM Team