Waking Aida – Shoal

Shoal is a shy and heart-warming gift from Waking Aida we know you want to open.

waking aida shoal

Waking Aida are 4 guys from the Southampton UK, as they described themselves. They are a band best known for their instrumental post-rock tracks like those found on their latest E.P. Full Heal.

[su_quote]Shoal is our first song with singing ever, so kind of a big deal for us.[/su_quote]

It is very present their background in instrumental music. At first listening, one can be deceived into thinking Shoal is an instrumental track. The first minutes are all about beautiful, soaring electronics, ethereal rhythms and peaceful ambiance (very fitting with the artwork). Only around the two minute mark we get vocal action. But as soon as it hits you, it feels like a shy, heart-warming gift.

[su_quote]This is our first song with vocals. After writing two instrumental records it was something we wanted to experiment with, I (James vocals/guitar) figured words would lift Shoal to another level and we feel like it worked. I was really influenced by Braids who use vocals in a really affecting and devastating way.[/su_quote]

There’s only so many times we can describe a song as “hauntingly beautiful” and Shoal is able to capture this description’s purest form. Waking Aida are up for something really good and we can’t wait to find out what’s next.

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