[INTERVIEW]: Feeling alive with Vistas

A short-interview on Prentice, Dylan, Jamie and Graham quest for making music.

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Last week we were counting down the days for Feel Alive to be released. Now it has, we got the chance to have a little chat with Vistas to understand what was the meaning behind Medicine, what Feel Alive is all about, and what 2017 is bringing.

Getting to know Vistas

[WtMM] Hi there, how are you?
[Prentice Robertson -VISTΛS] Hi I’m great! Cheers.

May we begin by asking you, who are Vistas and how did you decide on the name?
Vistas are a four piece band and the members are Me – Prentice Robertson: vocals & guitar, Dylan Rush: guitar, Jamie Law: bass and Graham McDonald: drums. We decided on the name Vistas because we heard somewhere that good band names have two syllables and we thought ‘Vistas’ was just short and sweet and would be a fresh name to lead the band in the direction we wanted to go.

Following that, who would you point out as your main influences?
We have a fairly broad range of influences which I think molds Vistas unique sound. Myself and Dylan are fans of melodic indie from bands like The Strokes, The View & Kings of Leon. Graham is into more heavy rock like Biffy Clyro and Jamie loves garage-rock bands like Twin Peaks & The Orwells. But we also take influence from other bands such as Fatherson and Prides, there’s a big mix in there!

Feeling Alive after Medicine

medicine vistas feel alive

We got really excited listening to your latest EP, Medicine. We started wondering how did it come about? What was the train of thought behind the project?
Thanks a lot, glad you like it! We had been looking to release an EP for sometime and had the tracks Americana and Hot Love down and ready to record, but we needed a third song to complete the project because we didn’t want to record the EP half-heartedly. After I wrote Medicine we all just knew that had to be the lead track and title for the EP. The main thought process of the Medicine EP was that it would be a summation of the 11 months we’d been a band together and I think that’s clear in the EP. We all feel the record has a lot more layers to it than our first single Sign Language and since then we’ve tried to think about how every detail of our tracks can be added to in the studio; which is something we adopt in all of our recordings now. We’re all really proud of the EP!

Now you’ve just released a new single, Feel Alive. Can you tell us what is it about?
I wrote Feel Alive last summer when I was working in a call centre, which I’m sure you can imagine, wasn’t great fun. It was also so hot and stuffy in the office and I always couldn’t wait to get outside and breathe some cool fresh air which is what inspired the last line of the chorus “Breathe till you feel alive”. Then the rest of the song followed on from there and is mainly about being young and finding something – whether that be a job, goal, person or ambition – that makes you feel alive. We’re all buzzing with the reception Feel Alive has received so far.


Now that Feel Alive is out, what’s next for Vistas? What is 2017 going to bring us?
More music and more gigs really, we can’t wait for it! It’s going to be a great year.

We at Where the Music Meets would like to thank you very much for this interview and wish you guys the best of success. We are big fans of you work!

Thank you for giving us the chance to talk about our music, cheers! VISTΛS. x