Elliot Moss – Closedloop

Closedloop is "just" like Elliot Moss got 2.0. And we absolutely love it.

We’ve “discovered” Elliot Moss in 2014 before the release of this debut album Highspeeds (2015) (we also are proud owners of a signed pre-edition version of the album), and we remember like it was today, the first time we heard Slip. We were so over the moon about the sincere music making quality behind the single, we ended up contacting Elliot on Facebook, and buying 4 CDs from him. One year later (the brutal) Best Light closed the deal for the re-release of the album and it was just an instant until Elliot Moss got the attention he deserved from the entire alternative musical scenery.

Well, we’re just pointing this out to exemplify what means for us every time Elliot Moss releases a new song. Especially when that song is as good as the one he released in the early hours of today. Closedloop is a banger and overwhelming song. A perfect example of what Indietronic music should sound like. And why this genre is getting more and more the favourite indie genre. Closedloop is both a sensible and complex composition. A song where lyrics and music go so much hand-in-hand with each other that seems they cannot live apart.

The slow electronic background on this new single, beyond expressing what is already the Elliot Moss trademark (listen to songs like Highspeeds or About Time for example), goes even further on the amount of feelings and emotional thinking it expresses. At parts it reminds us of the flow and feeling felt on Beck‘s version of Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes. While other times the carefully placed vocals bring back haunting-deep James Vincent McMorrow vibes.

But in all, Closedloop is “just” like Elliot Moss got 2.0. And we absolutely love it.

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