Jacob Banks – Unholy War

Unholy War is a powerful merge between past century soul and everything we love from 21st century sonority.

The World has been crazily evolving hasn’t it? Well, we have a favourite way of fighting all off. Is called Jacob Banks.

In the late hours of yesterday, the powerful soul singer released Unholy War. This is a song that, much like Jacob’s previous work in the The Monologue (2013) and The Paradox (2015) EPs , has bits of the best past century soul influences. However, Unholy War manages to go several steps forward (if that was even possible). It has every little thing we need to shake off weird and pessimist vibes (even if the lyrics aren’t so positive), and a rare power to surprise in every turn, change, high and low. And the way this emotionally-calculated rhythmic track also sounds like everything we love from 21st century music (Amy Winehouse revolutionary soul, Benjamin Clementine piano and disposition, Tom Misch overwhelming background, or even Jack Garratt and Gallant modernity) just pushes it to another level. Above all, powerful and truly mesmerising.

(you can find the Youtube version here).

Unholy War is also the first single from Jacob Banks third EP, The Boy Who Cried Freedom, out this Spring. Oh boy.

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