Treasureseason – XY

Treasureseason newest EP is already one of our favourite things about 2017.

In todays music business there are still some bands to treasure almost secretly.

First time we heard about Treasureseason, was five years ago, with the release of their self-title debut EP. Consistently heartfelt and with an almost passive mixture between electronic and soft vocals, we heard it so many times while doing any kind of chores (from work to relaxing) that we felt it was part of our environment. Still the main reasons for hearing it, were also the main reasons for letting it go without noticing. It stayed in the past, just like a lost treasure.

When they released back in 2014 the third EP (Julep) we noticed some evolution in their sound (especially after a second and more experimental EP). Keeping the soft indietronic ambience and the tender vocals, they added to it all a 90´s feeling that took us back to a special place. In fact, when Chvrches appeared around the same time, we could feel Treasureseason were somehow behind the notion of their sound. Still, by being more conservative in their sonority, they kept under the radar.

Because all of this, the release some weeks ago of XY was for us a breath of old refreshing air. The three-track EP is the step forward we’ve been waiting from the London-based duo. Much due to The Rush. A super melodic song that takes the band to another level, and which has the potential to capture attention like no other song they did before. Mainly because of the superb mixture between the wide and tender vocals and the comforting organ-based electronic flow. If we had to this the more classic and weirdly-captivating Blurred Edges and the deep and eclectic Exhale, we can say this is an EP to treasure through a very unlimited set of seasons.

Already placing itself in our favourite EPs list of 2017, we would recommend everyone to follow Treasureseason in their social and music related profiles bellow:

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