ISLAND – Waves | A Place You Like | Dreaming Of

This is a three-song meeting of the day for all the indie-rock lovers ou there.

Photo by Caoimhe Hahn
ISLAND meeting of the day

Some months ago we introduced ISLAND as “a band for the endless lovers of well-built indie-rock”. Since then, they released three new singles. To honour the quality of all three, and as we could not possibly prefer one over the others, today we considered them a three-song meeting of the day. So listen without moderation, and let yourself be serenaded by these:

the raw and compassionate Waves (here live @Distiller).

the rythmic-pleaser and loving A Place You Like.

and the dreamy and hauntingly inspiring Dreaming Of (released a couple of days ago).

As these three honestly beautiful indie-rock anthems showcase their sonority consistency and maturity two years into the beginning of project, ISLAND are releasing their second EP this Friday:

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