Mt. Joy – Sheep

Sheep is Mt. Joy's second single. And it's amazing.

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Sheep is Mt. Joy‘s second single. And it’s amazing. In a time where many people are unhappy and losing faith, wondering what’s wrong with the world, Sheep is the song to listen. In true indie form, this sing-songwriting excels in conveying emotion, troubling and frustration. Regardless the lyrics, Sheep is beautifully structured. Soft, forest like melodies open the track to the amazing guitar that flows right through the end. And Mt. Joy‘s vocals are everything. This clean, clear and outspoken voice is what music is best. A way to connect with others that else way would be impossible. Mt. Joy are bringing together the thoughts of many and putting it into an open channel to the world to listen, connect and not divide.

When there is blood on the streets of Baltimore
Kids are getting ready for a long war
Maybe I was born in the wrong skin
But those sheep are rolling in the mud again

Ohhh it haunts me, tell me it haunts you too
You cut it up, you cut it up, but it’s still the red white and the blue

Talking about lyrical divine inspiration, Astrovan (Mt. Joy‘s previous and debut single) is a wonder to listen. Make sure to give it a go:

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