Mosa Wild – Smoke

Expect to be captivated as Intermission Project ends and Mosa Wild are born. Along with a debut no-brainier.

mosa wild smoke meeting of the day

Let’s be completely honest. Everything that remind us of The National, but manages to somehow push it forward, is for us, an instant no-brainier! Mosa Wild debut track, Smoke, is the best possible example of just that.

Although this is their first ever song released to the public, it has been attracting attention all over the world, and guaranteed them to open for Maggie Rogers across Europe. The super melodic flow in the track (explained by Alex Stevens guitar, but also by the bass-drums synthetic rhythm which never sounds repetitive) and the way Jim Rubaduka voice is both friendly and seemly effortless, can explain the success.

Additionally, the way the band was formed with the basis of Jim and Alex, long-time coming Intermission Project, can explain the rest. We are sure there is a huge set of old fans out there which are certainly delighted with this. Us included.

No need to say we are as convinced as we could be. And eager for more. Meanwhile, the Intermission was converted to Mosa Wild, If you’re still not part of the ride, here are the links:

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