George Marvinson – Beni

George Marvinson first ever song, is a modern days rare piece of soft-rock story-telling.

George Marvinson is the alter-ego of the Portuguese Tiago Vilhena, also member of rock band Savanna.

The bassist has decided to build is own interpretation of the world through music, and yesterday released Beni. A song that although simplistic, is one with the capacity to make us travel around our dreams, or just get in a car and drive around with no destination but the music. Sounding almost like a soft interpretation of George Harrison (maybe the idea behind the name of the project), the way it drinks from some of Beatles sweetness, is at the same time its main trademark and a reason for listening with absolutely no restraints.

As this soft rock and honest song is the first of his debut upcoming solo album Chill Wild Life (March), we feel like we’ve been promised a rare compromise with a seriously tasteful musical story-telling vibe.

And that’s why we recommend you to follow him in his few social and musical related networks:

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