Amaroun – Fear

Amazingly simple, simply powerful. Amaroun first songs are like food to the soul.

amaroun newsecret fear

Today we present the simplicity and power of a Northampton-shire singer songwriter whose love for music comes after skateboarding and eating.

Amaroun (a.k.a. Jay Brown) describes herself as product of Beck, Eels and Sharon Van Etten influences, and the description couldn’t be more spot on regarding a type of sonority we could hardly describe otherwise. Other than being accompanied by guitarist Joeri Pronk and drummer Samuel Price, she needs much less than anything to create convincing pieces of music which seem rather unique in today’s music business.

Fear her first oficial release, is for us, everything is needed for anyone to be introduced and stay excited about Amaroun. Showcasing a beautiful but super-intense simplicity, this is among the most melodic songs we have ever heard. And there’s not much more to say about it, but to listen to it. Several times, for several days, as it turns viral on spirit. True music lovers will listen to this, like food to the soul. Oh, and once again the abstractly attractive animated video actually makes justice to the song.

For this singer-creator 2016 was for sure a brilliant year. Releasing two additional songs.  Indecisive was released five months ago and seems surprisingly different from the other singles. Sounding almost like Skunk Anansie have gone indie, and showing a welcoming resemblance to what Nova Neon produce, this is another very well pulled off song. 


One month ago, the fourth single, If This Is was released accompanied with a mixture of animated and home-made video. It is easy to extract Amaroun magical simplicity from both the song and the video. And mind-blowing how melodies seem so easy to create, for a creative girl with a sonic instrument in front of her. We are not sure if this is all we want, but we certainly know this is everything we need.

With a new track coming out at the end of February, the creative flow seems unusually natural, with the debut album also coming out later this year. And if this is it not reason enough to follow Amaroun, she’s been Facebook covering her favorite albums and songs on the piano like is no-ones business:

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