[TGIF] Roses, Horses and You

Welcome to the first weekend of the year. And what a beginning!

Thank God It’s Friday! The first weekend of the year has a bit of everything we need. From emotional, honest odes, to acoustic wild things and indie flowing songs about love to some legendary rockiness. And yes, Ed Sheeran is here.

Martin Luke Brown – 65 Roses

This is a sad song, but sad songs aren’t so sad when others find comfort in them. This is 65 Roses. For Emma“.

Bishop Briggs – Wild Horses (acoustic version)

Wild Horses was Bishop Briggs first ever single. And if after almost a year it is still enticing, heavy bass, overwhelming, clear vocals, fast rhythm (and with just the enough amount of electronic) dark pop, what to say about this acoustic version she released yesterday? With xylophones and everything in it. Sweet mother..

The XX – Say Something Loving

The XX dropped Say Something Loving Monday (January 2nd) and it anticipates their third album I See You due January 13th. After Romy’s engagement announcement on Instagram a couple days ago, maybe this song gains another meaning. This single is very different from The XX usual sonority, sounding much closer to indie rock, but that alternative twist we’ve grown to know. Check out for yourself:

 The Shins – Name For You

Five years is a long time, right? Not for The Shins, as they released a new song entitled Name For You. After Dead Alive last year, they began 2017 with a second and very fosforescent typical single, and one that invites any indie lover to a very welcoming dance step. Port Of Morrow will be out in two months. Welcome back sirs.

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Is it too soon to say this might have found the best song of 2017? Well, maybe. But Ed Sheeran just gave us a pretty good clue. Using and abusing a funky cool beat and mixing some tribal vibes with that quick cute rap only he really knows how… He’s in love with the shape of you and we’re in love with this single. Shape of You will be on repeat for the next couple of days, for sure.

Sundara Karma – Deep Relief

Sundara Karma must be one of the most exciting indie rock acts we’ve been following closely for the last two years. This week they’ve finally debuted a full album, and although Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect, Deep Relief makes you have fun in the moment. High paced irreverent and well felt rock that goes right to the soul.

With Love,
WtMM Team.

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