Amber Run – Fickle Game

Amber Run's newest single is a magical and powerful reminder to keep going and keep creative. Roll on 2017

amber run fickle game

This post is quite special, we reckon. We’ve been waiting for the right moment to bring up Amber Run. We have their 5AM album on repeat since 2015 and we’ve been rather curious to know what’s coming next. Over the last year, they have been teasing us a little. They started 2016 off with Haze, an electronic shouting whisper wonder. After, they caught us by surprise with Stranger and its almost naked rock approach – fine vocals, fine guitars, fine percussion and a fine bass, that’s all it takes really. To end up the year nicely, Amber Run released No Answers. And what a brutal single! Definitely the best out of the three singles released in 2016. It is an organized explosion of growls, aggressive beat, strong everything. It recalls Foo Fighters at the top of their game. And we love it.

But now 2017 has come and with it? Well, Amber Run have just released a new single one hour ago (!!!). Fickle Game is a song taken out of their upcoming second album, For A Moment, I Was Lost.

It’s a song about self-reflection in the music industry – how being in a band can, if you let it, stop being spontaneous and easy and instead become overly political and eventually exhausting.

Following the style of No Answers, Fickle Game is such a magical song to listen to. It reminds us to keep creative, to keep moving and not stagnate. His soft vocals take you away as the smooth guitar riffs hold you down in the ground. And what’s even more amazing is Amber Run‘s ability to create such powerful yet tender music, proving you don’t need blasting bass and percussion to produce impact.

If we were curious about For A Moment, I Was Lost, now we can’t wait! February 10th, you better come quick.

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