London Grammar – Rooting For You

Welcome to 2017, London Grammar are here.

Photography by Bison
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Along with a new year, a new and so much anticipated track by London Grammar has arrived.

The proud authors of If You Wait, the absolutely overwhelming album released back in 2013, have been almost three years eclipsed in the comfortable shadows of their success. And if we were eager for this comeback, we are also afraid that a new track wouldn’t be able to live to the expectations of succeeding to such brilliant singles like Stay Awake, Hey Now, Wasting My Young Years, Strong, Nightcall or If You Wait.

Well, if all doubts had dissipated shortly after we start to hear the more than two minutes a capella that brilliantly introduce Rooting For You, when the live orchestra comes in, we were blown away to another world.

This emotional stripped-down vocal-obsessive single which already turned into our favorite new thing about 2017, has also been released as a radio-friendly cut on Spotify and Apple Music (listen bellow). Don’t worry, although the a cappela bit was taken away, the orchestra fills the spot nicely.

Recalling the past, we are hoping London Grammar to release a couple more songs soon, if not a full extended play. When we are welcomed to a new year with a song like this one, we know this is going to be a great year.

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