Gavin Haley – Fades Away

Fades Away introduces Gavin Haley as a promising new pop act who's about to change the pop world as we know it.

Fades Away is the debut single from newcomer Gavin Haley. This 19 year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter has a special touch, for sure. Combining pop music with dreamy synths and a catchy chorus might sound simple, but is in fact very tricky. But Gavin hits the bullseye right on his first go.

I put my heart and soul into Fades Away, and the whole process was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life (…) I know there will be much more records to come, but this is a very special experience and a dream I’ve had my whole life come true.

Also noteworthy, Gavin collaborated with rapper  Cal Combs in Feeling You. His participation is the softer ying to  Cal‘s yang. Enjoy thoroughly below:

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