Chenti – Running Through Walls

Chenti accomplished the perfect mix between vocal sweetness, rocky ambiance and indietronic hooks.

West Sussex own Chenti, are the definition of a proper English indie band. When we first put our ears on them and Running Trough Walls started to play, we knew we wanted to write about them.

They described themselves to us as a band for the fans of Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club. Obviously, everything has to do with the songs. And as, we started to listen their four-track-long debut (released a few months ago), we almost immediately noticed the similarities with all three acclaimed bands. However, the first thing that popped from the top of our heads, and largely because of the sweet vocal duo, was the similarity with Of Monsters and Men.

Running Through Walls was largely the responsible for this everything-but discrediting comparison. The amount of sonority diversity this song brings (from piano, to guitar reefs, to drums, to vocal layers over vocal layers) is something really really really unusual for such a new band. At the end, we welcome the indietronic bits and hooks which contribute to a perfect ending for a very well-built song. Among the best we heard all year from debuting bands.

Although this first song is the highlight of the self-titled debut EP, the three other songs further demonstrate how solid this four-member band actually is. A List Of Lies is above everything else a rock song, and one of those only British bands can accomplish. Cristal clear rock, for our body and soul. What You Need builds from the same feeling but with a much more BBC indietronic approach. And by being close to what these can accomplish in a song, we are in fact saying a lot about Chenti capability of mixing sound abundance with quality. War Games finishes the EP with a very stable song with a very worthy chorus. We try, we try keeps echoing in our heads after a couple of plays. And how good it is when songs sound like home after a couple of tries?

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