The Gingerbread Collection

Have some merry little Christmas classics (and new carols) by some of our favourite modern artists.

On a work overload week, we’re still very pleased to put out our weekly mini-playlist. And this one ia a special one. One week away from Christmas, we were more than happy to find 6 artists with new music dedicated to this heart-warming season. Enjoy this Sunday afternoon and make it last as a whole weekend, with a merry, festive mood.

Sirs&Madams – If He Doesn’t Go (The Ballad of Mrs. Claus)

As any Christmas season is not fully a Christmas season without the right cause behind it, we are very honored to get in Sirs&Madams beautiful initiative to raise money for Planned Parenthood. So, with all Christmas feelings and filmed directly from North Pole, they’ve made a brand new song. If He Doesn’t Go (The Ballad of Mrs. Claus) is sassy and spirituous, with all the components of a Christmas jingle mixed with very classy indie bits. And is our favorite Christmas song of this year. So, you should all get in this spirit, and click here to download the audio as all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. And Merry Christmas Sirs and Madams.

Kacey Musgraves feat. Leon Bridges – Present Without A Bow

Every year a lot of duos try to put out a Christmas song that becomes it. But ultimately the majority are just too corny or pushing above the top. Since Present Without a Bow first played we knew we’d found the 2016 perfect holiday duo song. The country style songwriting of Kacey Musgraves meets Leon Bridges super soul voice in a perfect way. And yes, the song builds up the festive song in every bit. Grab yours truly and let yourselves sway to this:

Billie Marten – White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas just like the ones I used to know… These exact same words come out of our mouths, humming or singing, every year. This time, Billie Marten is the one to lullaby us into serenity covering this Christmas classic. White Christmas performed by Billie transcends everything Christmas related. Sparse, wintry and gingerbread inspired. A must this season.

Alice Jemima – Driving Home For Christmas

Another lovely one covering a Christmas classic is Alice Jemima in Driving Home For Chirstmas. Picking up on a few twists very Alice-like, her crispy vocals provoke chills down your spine as the happy snow falling. Turn the heating on your car and find some peace, driving home from chaotic Christmas shopping all week long.

Tom Odell – Spending All My Christmas With You

Finally, in the hopes of continuing in the Christmas spirit (one week prior to the Christmas, everyone should be wearing ugly jumpers and blasting carols), Tom Odell presented us with his Christmas EP: Spending All My Christmas With You. This EP features new versions of Wrong Crowd‘s Silhouette, and 2014 single Real Love (for all soppy lovers like ourselves), a new Christmas inspired song entitled Spending All My Christmas With You (Next Year),  and two wonderful surprises. Tom Odell covered TWO very well known Christmas songs: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Silent Night. Warm your hearts right here:

Best Coast – Christmas And Everyday

Finally, as every Christmas needs some rocky vibe, Best Coast have given us something to spread the holiday spirit for the entire week. Sing this in the shower, when your wrapping up the last presents, or just grab your Santa Claus beard and sing this all the way to your favorite relatives house.

With love and sincere votes of a very Merry Christmas,
The WtMM Team