Jodie Abacus – Keep Your Head Down

Getting you hooked from the first second, Jodie Abacus turns the spotlight to all right issues with Keep Your Head Down.

Jodie Abacus just released Keep Your Head Down. Jodie is a South London born songwriter well known for its ability to funk, funk, funk. But his newest track is a first. Full of soul and darker toned. At first glimpse, Keep Your Head Down is fun, filled with great beats and hooks. The marvelous, warm toned electronics are by the one and only SOHN. The truth is we get so into the whole soulful, effortless, RnB vibe, we can miss out the lyrics. But knowing from previous works, it’s no surprise listening to Abacus addressing real world, “ugly” issues. This time, lyrics reference elements of the ongoing refugee crisis.

Run towards the land of dreams, to run away from smoke and fire,
But there’s no welcome mat and there’s no grass that’s ever green.
Is there nowhere to retire?

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