[TGIF] Back To Them

We end our week with six beautiful comebacks and a crescendo playlist for all moods.

Thank God It’s Friday! This weekend we plea for understanding each other and have a positive outlook to life. We plea for letting go and having fun. And we plea for facing monsters. If you’re not up to that, you can always just listen to this week’s mini-playlist. Enjoy!

Liam Bailey – Love My Neighbour

Love My Neighbour is a single focused on one thing only: to promote understanding. The video is as touching as the song. Both soulful, mindful and hopeful. Liam explained that the single “is a personal reflection on my struggle with love in all the different aspects of life. For the video, I wanted to put together different human stories that are shaping this world at the moment, along with the historic ones, and show how the quest for love and understanding never ends.

Elbow – Magnificent (She Says)

There are some bands which made it all for us. The ones which made us grow, and showed us what music is all about. For me (José), Elbow have that meaning. Thus, when they release a super song (the first in one year) where everything is still right there (adding violins on top), life makes sense. Magnificent says it all.

Rationale – Vessels

We’ve said it all (here, here and here) about Rationale. Somehow it seems they are the band that begun Where the Music Meets. That’s why every new song from them seems a little bit closer to home. Vessels is another beautiful melodic Pop, RnB, electronic effort.

Raleigh Ritchie – Sicko

If last weeks release was from another world (one with unicorns), than we can’t really describe today’s release. Sicko is sick so good it is. Showcasing Raleigh‘s finest, Sicko is filled with everything that made You’re a Man Now, Boy so great. Smart edgy lyrics and a beat that carries you all the way through the song, we want Sicko on repeat.

Jacob Banks – Monster 2.0

Exactly one year after Monster (ft Avelino) came out, Jacob Banks done a second version with Boogie. If both take the basis from the same monster song (pun intended), the newest version gets that explosive bit we were looking forward since we first heard it. Brutal.

Marian Hill – Back To Me feat. Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui (from Fifth Harmony) went solo(-ish). Today, our favorite electro duo released Back To Me featuring Lauren. This quite improbable (but quite fitting) combination resulted in something equally fitting. Keeping constant with Sam’s sultry vocals. strong baseline and percussion, Back To Me is as precious and new as comfy and familiar.

With Love,
WtMM Team.

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